Life, Love, Peace
Hi! Right now I am living in Bukhara, Uzbekistan. I am happy to meet new people and see old friends too. If you are in my area, don't forget to reach out ;)
Life, Love, Peace
The world has changed and the artist cannot help but to speak about it. Visual expression reaches straight into the heart. We can reply to words with other words, but what is done with our own hands must be «answered» with the same. Not everyone is willing to be so sincere.

Words from Svetlana Maksimova, founder of the contemporary art school suninbun, in response to my new works.

For me, it is true - it's impossible to deceive oneself or others when your heart is connected to the work that you do honestly.
For a doll competition, Pandora developed and created ceramic figurines.

They turned out super cool. They embody my love for artists, support, and gratitude for their hard work and talent!
More than 27 ceramic figurines was created.
The art of dolls
December, 2021
November, 2021
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