I will draw a portrait - card!
I’ll draw your portrait or your friend or your pet like a dog, cat or parrot is also possible. The portrait will be in the artist's free and signature style, and I guarantee an amazing resemblance on a nuanced level.
The portrait can be used in the online space as a profile picture, as a postcard or just something bright and joyful for daily viewing. Additionally, it can be printed as a card and sent to friends, framed or hung on a fridge.
(Not for commercial purposes)

There are additional options available: I can write your words in my signature handwriting for an additional fee of 2,000 rubles, and it will look like a double card. Or, I can draw a portrait at a high resolution for wide format printing as a poster, painting, or on shirts, mugs, bags, or anywhere.

The file will be in TIFF format.
To get started, please send me photos of the person or pet you want the portrait of as well as a few important words about them to my email at daevseenko@gmail.com.

The drawing process will take 1-2 weeks.
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